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Please Note: Waterfall is not compatible with macOS Catalina

140+ Compatible Themes From:

  • ThemeFlood
  • Henk Vrieselaar
  • WeaverThemes
  • Yabdab
  • Archetypon
  • 1LittleDesigner
  • Joe Workman
  • YuzoolThemes
  • Kuler Solutions
  • seyDesign
  • NimbleHost
More on the way!

Easy, Automatic Theme Updating for RapidWeaver® 5, 6 & 7

The hassle of manually updating themes is a pain point every RapidWeaver user has run into as some point. Waterfall is your effortless theme management tool, specifically designed to help save you time and prevent the headaches all too often associated with theme updating.

At a glance info

Easily see the important details you need, like what the version number is, who the developer is, and whether there's an update available.

Effortless Updating

Gone are the days where you'll need to manually download and apply theme updates. Quickly see if an update is available, and install it with the click of a button!

Automatic backups

Waterfall backs up every theme it installs an update for. Lost customizations and mistakenly deleted theme images are now a thing of the past. Why, hello there, peace of mind!

Time Guardian

Waterfall could quite easily save you many hours of effort. No more wasted time backing up files, manually updating themes, or trying to figure out what version you have installed.

Already built into many of your favorite themes

Over 140 Waterfall-enabled RapidWeaver themes are available.

The latest versions of all ThemeFlood, Henk Vrieselaar, WeaverThemes, Yabdab, Archetypon, 1LittleDesigner, YuzoolThemes, seyDesign and NimbleHost themes already include support for Waterfall, as well as Foundation from Joe Workman, and Placid and Inceptive from Kuler Solutions.

Other developers are also building in support for Waterfall. We've also provided a dedicated site where theme developers can get all the information they need to add support for Waterfall.

Don't see your theme developer listed? Be sure to ask them to do so!

Browser Support

None needed! Waterfall is a utility plugin which doesn't create any content for your website.

Just be sure you've unchecked the "Show in Navigation" option in RapidWeaver's Page Inspector.


  • RapidWeaver 6, 7, or 8
  • RapidWeaver 5.3+
  • macOS Mojave or below, macOS Catalina is not supported